What Benefits Will Advances in Artificial Intelligence Bring to PLM?

14:00 - 14:50 CET
Event scheduled to start
on 29th September at 14:00 CET

What benefits will advances in Artificial Intelligence bring to PLM?

Machine Learning and AI have made significant headway in domains as diverse as finance, e-commerce, mobility, and healthcare. They are no longer just buzzwords. Functions at the heart of these domains like fraud detection, customer support, driving assistance and radiology rely on them. How will this success in other domains translate to product design, manufacturing and after sales support? In particular, what does it mean for Product Lifecycle Management? What are the processes and functions that can benefit the most?

We invite you to share your thoughts on what possibilities you see and to contribute to the future of PLM. The entire industry can together benefit from this shared knowledge. Have you tried something already or would like to try it soon? Do you see any bottlenecks? How would you like the platforms and add-ons to enable you to experiment with and adopt these technologies? You can use this opportunity to connect with your peers and experts and together embark on a journey which will shape the future of PLM for a long time to come