Alan Cherrington

Alan Cherrington

COO , Integral Powertrain

Alan started his career with British Aerospace in 1985 as an apprentice machinist before becoming a technical apprentice in the design office. He worked on a variety of R&D programs and future aircraft projects including Typhoon. Alan joined Cosworth Racing in 1995 as a Senior Design Engineer working on cylinder heads and valve train development. He moved to Mercedes High Performance Powertrains in 2005 as a team leader for design, working on their IC engine, KERS and ERS systems. Alan was the Chief Engineer on the V8 engine program and Head of Reliability for the V8 and V6 power units. He joined Integral Powertrain in 2016 as the Chief Engineer for Design & Analysis, helping to design and develop some of the high power and high torque density e-machines that are now being used in both hybrid and EV traction applications today.

As the Chief Operating Officer at Integral Powertrain, Alan is responsible for overseeing the operations and systems alongside the CTO and CCO. He is responsible for Design, Simulation, Development, Supply Chain, Test Facilities, and HR, and is developing the company’s capability for the design and manufacture of our world leading electric motors and inverters which are used in a variety of applications across numerous engineering sectors.

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